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Creator Solution Ltd. Co. founded in year of 2011, we create brand marketing and public relation events that aim to ensure our audience have a different experience of the event.

We provide all site services, which will role in an event. Creator Solution has rich experience in big event such as exhibition, road show, hospitality, and dealer conference, new launch press conference, etc.

Creativity + Integration + Branding Experience is always our goal to a successful event, engagement, longevity and ultimately a better experience for your guests.
从品牌出发,集创意及整合为出发点的品牌理念一直是我们秉承的服务宗旨。 力争将您的每一个活动打造完美,使您及您的客户拥有非凡的体验。

ContentWhat kind of event we do?
Corporate events, racing event, test drive event, launching event, conferencing, hospitality, wedding, Gala dinner, Exhibition, etc.
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SolutionsAs your trusted partner in all of the related aspects of your Event, from venue selection, entertainment, catering, photography and video. We provide all solutions to helping bring your audience closer to you and your brand.
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ManpowerWe provide one-stop services to all event correspondence site services, including part-time crew, stage runner, on site helper, professional fleet cleaner, security guards, star bodyguard, singer, AV control, shooting team, floral artist, singer, actress, portable restrooms, fence and any special requirements.
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Our Experiences & Skills!

This quest has led us to be a multi-awarded team that never forgets where they come from and always listen and adapts.
We believe that every detail matters and that everything you see and don't see should have a meaning.


If you like the look of our work...


What We Do?


    Corporate events
    Racing events
    Test drive events
    Launching events
    Running events
    and more


    Gala Dinners
    Car Parking / Traffic Management
    Exhibition and more


Event Solutions.

We provide creative solutions for many types of events. Take a look at our work to see what we can do.

What We Offer

We can provide manpower and hositality services for your event.

Creative Modern

Creative solutions agency based in Beijing

How We Work:

Venue / Hotel Selection & Suggestion

As Event Specialists we worked with our corporate vendors to ensure that brand is being represented with consistency, regardless of the location of an event and the varying audiences. Make sure to pulling all requires, elements together to reach highly standard and in budget. Not only in Beijing, but all over China.


We always pay world-wide attention to all top of the line technology, to create an impact event and amazing experience to our client. From onsite the event to interactive to capture votes and data control, views and response along with webcasting support.

Event Management

In recently years, with our more and more event made we’ve trained quite a few excellent working team in pre-event communications, design team, documentations, date file keeper and on site implement which pride to say with well performance, and we do will continue getting stronger team to made more event for our client.

Manpower Management

We do provide all range of on site supporting manpower, you are welcomed to manage our teams yourself or use our dedicated event project managers, who will oversee the smooth running of all operations giving you constant peace of mind. From interview, pre-event training and after event evaluation to each position. As a kindly of family-run business, we pride ourselves on our flexibility, hard work and openness, offering an unrivalled service that ensures your event is safe and successful. We guarantee your event and festival staff will have the skills, experience and qualifications for the job at hand.

Contact Say Hi to Us.

We would love to hear from you if you have an enquiry or are interested in hiring our services. Simply fill out the form below and we will get back to you very soon.



Office 45, 12th Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Call Us: +86 10 8589 5300

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